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i think gerard way could hit me upside the head with a shovel and i’d brag about it to my friends

Anonymous asked: are you giving away your blog?

nope, i took a hiatus. but i am back


MCR fans!!!

My Chemical Romance is nominated for “Most Dedicated Fans” in the AP Music Awards. And, to be honest, we are the most dedicated fans, out of those six bands. Our band broke up and there is still a fan base; it may not be the biggest, but there still is one!

MCR may not have the best fan base, but there are always the few bad seeds in the bunch and there is no stopping that. And that doesn’t change our dedication to this band. The fans can not be summarized in a whole by a handful of fans. 

We need to show our heroes that we still cherish and love them as much as we did before they broke up. Especially since there have been some “fans” being rude to Gerard (or anyone else in the band; but mainly Gerard has gotten the most notable hate) because of the break up. 

Vote here: http://www.altpress.com/apmas_vote

Everyone can only vote once! So, make it count!

Tell all your friends to vote for MCR too!! We need to show them that we still love them!

hey so like i know its been like a month since i last posted but I’m on hiatus on my main blog so like i probably won’t be updating this one a lot because of reasons i have listed on my main blog and also because i just can not think of anything funny to say.

don’t think of this as a hiatus, think of it as an idea

just kidding if i ever think of something funny to post i will post it but besides that i probably won’t be on

ily guys i hope i didn’t ruin ur day. ily

Anonymous asked: i just wanted to say i like your blog. carry on

thank you!! sorry i never update it I’m bad

Anonymous asked: I love you so much

thank you thank you

pillsforbreakfast asked: whenever I talk about mcr and the breakup to my mom or any adult that listens to them they always say "don't worry they'll come back just give it time"

sam e maybe all the adults are in on their break up

does it ever hit u that mcr broke up at random times during that day? like one second ur eating cereal the next second ur drowning in tears

I just realized my title says “tpain”