l oo k at al l t ha tpa i n

so does gerard have a solo album coming out in fall 2k14 or is that just a rumor i hear?

"moms can find anything"

mom i lost mcr

more mcr (& fob) observations yay

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can i just leave bandom

when fans send gerard hate

im so fucking done with the mcr fandom im out 

all these angry mcr fans should just listen to fob and be happy for once




what no fuck off as much as i like fall out boy no thanks my chemical romance is fine for me
there’s a shit ton of drama in the mcr fandom tho and i want it to stop

if ur being rude to gerard on twitter just fuck off. he dedicated 12 years of his life to this band and if ur going to repay him by being an asshole to you can honestly just fuck off

when non-mcr fans say that there is no reason to be sad over the break up